Johanna Tukiainen - the world's greatest woman

In light of the latest news, we send our condolences to Johanna, as it was in the news that her sister has passed away.

No one should suffer such a tragedy.

We hope that the media won’t turn Johanna’s grieving into something stupid as it might, but that she might grieve as she wishes. If that is through media, then be it.


Johanna Tukiainen esiintyy nuorena Jyväskyläläisen bändin musiikkivideolla.


photo TAumlAuml1_zps694432f7.jpg

…Yeah. How old that picture might be? >D (On the poster. Finnish people understand)

Not sure what you wanted to say with this.

Dear Johanna, You are the greatest Finnish women ever,There is no question about that. AFAN

Exactly! We agree with you, 100 percent!

Alotin tänään tekemään muotokuvaa Johannasta. Ja ei, se ei ole karikatyyri, vaan ihan realistinen kuva. Ehkä postaan sen tänne sitten jos ja kun on valmis.

Jos ja kun saat sen valmiiks, olis tosi kiva jos laittaisit sen tumblriin =) Innolla odottaen :D

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that’s what i meant

Good, then I was reading you correctly. So, which one should we do?

"Dear Johanna, we love you lots. Please do not leave us. Please continue your career in Finland, Love, us."


"Dear Johanna, we fully support you in your thoughts to move to Sweden, because we know how hard it has been to you here in Finland. We hope you’ll make it there and get more famous, but please, don’t forget us. We still love you a lot!"

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Going to take that as “Lots of love” :)